The Schwings

The schwings is an ensemble of swing, gypsy and Brazilian jazz.

The Ditties

The Ditties is a vocal trio from Lithuania, formed by three young professional jazz singers and performing early swing vocal music from 1930 and 1940, which is best known for the close harmony and syncopated rhythm.

Gypsy Drom

Gypsy Drom, translated as gypsy journey, is a musical trip into the world of Balkan music, full of various distinctive colours.

Vilnius Jazz Orchestra

Vilnius Jazz Orchestra is a group of jazz musicians based in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. All members of the group are active and vivid Lithuanian jazz performers and soloists.


An exuberant program for parties that consists of the most famous hits of all times.

Mambembe feat. Denise Fontoura

Mambembe feat. Denise Fontoura is a Brasilian music project founded in 2013, Lithuania.